Hello – I’m Joanne! I’ve been creating online communities since 2000, blogging since 2005 and helping businesses market their products and services online since 2007. I offer a variety of services for bloggers and business owners. 

My blogging services include;
* WordPress tweaks for your blog
* Custom PDF printables you can offer on your blog
* Membership to Bodacious Bloggers for networking, support + paid opportunities
* Blog + social media graphic creation
* Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers for beginning – intermediate bloggers.

My business services include;
* Social media marketing + promotion
* Social media management
* Graphic + PDF creation
* Blogger relations and promotion outreach.

Joanne GrecoI’m a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, currently living with in sunny Florida. My husband Billy is my rock and he keeps me laughing and always feeling loved. I have three kids (two are young adults) and we’ve been an unschooling family since 2004.  We have two dogs TJ + Mini,  (edit: TJ was put to rest on 11/22/14 at 15 years old), two young cats named Mini-Me + Mr. Kitty and a 18 year old iguana named Buddie. I’m an adoption advocate, entrepreneur, photo-taker, vegetarian and chocolate-lover.

More about me and my background:

I’ve always been an entrepreneur in my heart and from the time that I was a little girl I always played that I had a business or a store. I always wanted to be the boss — or more specifically – be my own boss. When I was in my early 20s I created a small clothing shop called The Turning Point near where I lived in Brooklyn NY. I learned a lot about business from that experience and one of the things I learned was that I did not enjoy selling clothing – lol.

But I learned something about myself – I’m passionate about helping people (like you!) succeed.

I spent the next 15 years in the dance and fitness industry starting out as an aerobics instructor and dance teacher. I worked my way up to managing several local gyms and after a few years I opened The New York Dance and Fitness Center. In a highly competitive industry, I carved out a place for my business by bringing in top notch instructors, offering cutting edge classes and listening to what my community wanted.

It was during this time that my husband & I bought our first computer. Being I was, and still am a head banger (hard rock/heavy metal/punk rock lover \m/) my first stop was to connect with my fellow rockers and I created a message board (on ezboard) called Rock On. It became a hot spot for rock music fans and we quickly became a crazy little family – lol. I mention this because it was my first online community and I learned a lot about how to bring people together. I also learned that I was good at it. 

My dance and fitness center was thriving and there were several shining moments that I’m very proud of. We teamed up with Macy’s for Tap O’ Mania, which is an annual event to bring together the most tap dancers in one place, to dance at the same time to the same song. I signed up to be a Tap Captain and learned the routine from their choreographers to teach to my squad, which included several of my dance students and assistant teachers. We made it in the Guinness Book Of World Records that year and had an awesome time! Another moment I’m proud of is our Dance For Heart Aerobicthon to raise money for the American Heart Association. We held a continuous eight hour aerobics class and raised over $2,000. 

After seven years of successfully serving my community in Brooklyn, I closed the New York Dance & Fitness Center, and soon after that I, along with my husband, my mother and our pets, moved from New York City to Florida.


About a year later my husband and I adopted three children. We felt drawn to adopting older children and fell in love with a sibling group of three. This photo is from our adoption party in 2003.  About a year later we took them out of school and stared our unschooling journey. To say that the next several years were a whirlwind is an understatement, but I started chronicling our life in a blog in 2005 and it just exploded. Blogging opened a lot of doors and brought some awesome people into my life.

Sidenote: Our unique experience has been the subject of articles and interviews and in 2016 I’m going to start work on a adoption memoir. 

By 2007 I had a popular adoption forum for the online community I was creating. Adoption related companies and brands began contacting me about promoting their products and services on my blog and forum, so I learned everything I could about online marketing. I knew that it was crucial to invest in myself if I wanted to further my online business so over the next couple of years I furthered my education by signing up for several online marketing and business courses and quickly put into action what I was learning. During this time I was networking with other bloggers and we helped push each other to greater success. 

Over the next few years, I created several other blogs and sold some of my older ones. I was mentoring new bloggers along the way and freely sharing what was working for me. I also worked on building up a following on social media and was an early supporter of facebook, pinterest, twitter and G+. 


In 2011 my husband & I wanted to create a local business so we started selling self defense & tactical items at some of the outdoor markets in the Central Florida area. JAG Tactical & Self Defense has been creating a loyal following and growing presence and my husband now runs the business full time.  

In 2014 I created an online course for beginning – intermediate bloggers, Blueprint For Beginning Bloggers. It began as a three week email course and is now a full fledged membership site. In my course, I take you from start to finish, A to Z. There is also a private community of BBB members so you always have access to support and networking. 

I’ve had many successes in my businesses and just as many “learning experiences”, (some people call them failures, but I don’t). When I try something in my business and I don’t get the results I had hoped for I spend some time figuring out why it didn’t work. I’ve actually learned more about my business from examining things that didn’t work than working on things that come easy.

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